Plate runner-up South zone                                     PORTSMOUTH "B"                               PLATE WINNER SOUTH ZONE                                LONDON UNITED                                                    

Plate runner-up East zone                                        RAWMARSH                                         PLATE WINNER EAST Z                                           OLDHAM                                                                                                            

Plate runner-up West zone                                        ---------------------                         PLATE WINNER WEST ZONE                                   BOURNEMOUTH                                                                                                              

PLATE 3rd place                                                       BOURNEMOUTH                                 PLATE runner-up                                                      OLDHAM                                   PLATE WINNERS                                                      LONDON UNITED

National runner-up South zone                                  PORTSMOUTH " A"                            NATIONAL WINNER SOUTH ZONE WINNER            LONDON CRS                                                                      

National runner-up  East zone                                    ROTHERHAM

NATION WINNER EAST ZONE                                   WAKEFIELD

                                                                                                                                  National runner-up West zone                                    PLYMOUTH                                       NATIONAL WINNER WEST ZONE                              CARDIFF                                                                                                                                     National 3rd place                                                       WAKEFIELD                          National runners-up                                                    CARDIFF                                                                                                                                               NATIONAL WINNERS                                                  LONDON CRS

Mixed triple's runners- up                                             K.Howitt-S.McCarthy-P.Tedder          MIXED TRIPLES WINNERS                                         L.Alden-J.Buglass-F.Mitchell

Ladies pairs runners-up                                               Chris |Jones-Kim Serpanchy             LADIES PAIRS WINNERS                                            Alison Bland-Elaine Fairley

Guest Mens pairs runners-up                                      John Buglass-George Mather          GUEST MENS PAIRS WINNERS                                 Connor \scutt-Grahame Hollis

PCV Pairs runners-up                                                  Lee Carter- Mick Samson            PCV PAIRS WINNERS                                                 Dean Moran-Bob Mort

Ladies IKO runner-up                                                  Liz Scullion                            LADIES IKO WINNER                                                  KIRSTY HOWILL

Guest Mens IKO runner-up                                          Eddie Holden                           GUEST MENS IKO WINNER                                       GRAHAM HOLLIS

PCV IKO runner-up                                                      Gordon Barkass                         PCV IKO WINNER                                                        DAVE STEPHENSON

YOUNG PLAYER OF THE YEAR                                 CONNOR SCUTT

LOU MAY TROPHY                                                     MAGGIE WILKSHIRE                       (for services to darts)

VOLUNTEER SHIELD                                                   VANESSA THROW

SECRETARY SHIELD                                                    CHRIS HUTTON

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